*E* About Us



I grew up as an ordinary Berlin city boy with no intention living in the outdoors. A decent education, a study after that, then working as an event lighting technician- that was the plan. But 10 years ago, it all changed when I got my first sleddog out of a dog shelter. Since then it was a constant improvement from city life, to a cabin in the woods of Germany, to 4 years of guiding people in northern Sweden. And finally, coming up to Svalbard with 5 of my own bred dogs. During all this time I learned allot from different people/musher and I did read all I could. The rest of the time I spent on multiple week hikes during summer and on the sled and skis during winter time.

What better way, than to combine my passion for sleddogs with my job… And from time to time taking a break, take my team and explore the arctic areas myself…